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Photos from San Francisco & Alcatraz


David & the Cadillac.  We arrived at 23.20.  The drive to the hostel was about 25 mins.




2½ hour segway tour through San Francisco – recommended.




Me on a Segway.. not breaking any land speed records that’s for sure.




‘Hole in the Wall’ Coffee. Nice… & only 3 bucks.




David on his Segway. 




Nick & David … and no, unlike George Bush, we didn’t face plant.  




Lunch at the famous ‘In-N-Out Burger’.  Cheap & very nice.




En route to Alcatraz.




Alcatraz & the San Francisco skyline




Me outside an Alcatraz cell. I thought Fremantle Prison suppose to have the ‘honour’ of the smallest cell size… it must’ve been Alcatraz by a matter of centimeters.




Alcatraz’s audio tour was good. 




A typical cell with a copy of Alcatraz’s rules for bedtime reading.




Panorama of Alcatraz’s recreation area.  At least they have a nice view. 



Alcatraz’s famous inmates including Al Capone & The Birdman




Three tiers of cells. IIRC this corridor was named ‘Broadway’. 




Panorama from Alcatraz of San Francisco’s skyline.  The building on the left is the remains of the warden’s mansion. 



Alcatraz at dusk.



Panorama with full moon over San Francisco Harbour.



Me & the San Francisco skyline as viewed from Alcatraz




David & the San Francisco skyline as viewed from Alcatraz




The operating theatre… probably not for elective surgery. 




Christmas tree on Fisherman’s Wharf. 


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Karatha Gas Plant

Karatha Gas Plant by N1cks
Karatha Gas Plant, a photo by N1cks on Flickr.

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Posterous Shutting Up Shop

So the Posterous blogging service is closing down on the 30th of April. 


Back in the days when I use to maintain a blog on a semi-regular bases, I liked Posterous because of its top-notch ‘post via email’ feature which formatted photos perfectly.  The default Posterous layout was simple & looked good.  I also loved the geo-tagging feature. 

However, in the back of my mind I knew it was dangerous to rely on this service over established players like Blogger & WordPress.  So fortunately I had the foresight to ‘re-post’ to a WordPress platform, so the shut-down isn’t a big problem for me.


I do feel sorry for people who have been loyal to Posterous & have blogged to it from the outset.  They have an emotional connection with their site & their url. 


So with this in mind… when choosing a digital platform for your memories & moments, pick an establish player & put up with their sometimes lackluster features & functionality.


I recommend Blogger, WordPress… or anything run by the top three tech giants; Microsoft, Google & Apple. 


This is N1cks… over & out on the Posterous blogging service.  

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24 February, 2013 23:19

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